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by - Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hi there!
I can't believe it's Christmas time! I love Christmas but I used to enjoy it more when I was younger. I actually believed in Santa Claus but then I realised it was my mom and dad giving me all those presents, and the rest of my family too. We all know Christmas isn't, at all, about the presents but spending time with the ones you love the most.
We'll leave the Christmas topic to another post, now let's focus on these new makeup products I'm trying for the first time.
I won't describe them all in details but I'll give you as much information as I can based on my personal experience.
Starting with the serum from Essence that it's supposed to refine pores, have a matte finish and fight blackheads; well I like it because when I apply it I see that it minimizes my pores but it does not give a matte finish for a long time since I have oily skin.
The eyelashes from H&M - OMG! - I love them! I absolute love these lashes because they give a more natural look instead of a very heavy look.
The cream lip colour and the velvet red lipgloss from H&M are stunning. The cream lip colour lasts on your lips even if you eat, drink or kiss and the velvet lipgloss is matte and also lasts on your lips for a very long time and it's really smooth.
The famous Kylie Jenner lip kit, I will do a review on this product with more details on the next blog post but overall I liked it.
This concealer from MAC Cosmetics is life! It covers my dark circles and pores perfectly.
The foundation from Essence for oily skin is fine, I mean, I've had better ones, but for that price you couldn't ask for more. It doesn't last for 12h and it does not give a flawless coverage unless your skin is already flawless.
The lip primer from Primark is great! I like to use it before I apply any matte lipgloss. It does not dry your lips, it keeps them hydrated.
Finally the eyeshadow primer from Catrice Cosmetics, you must not use too much product otherwise it won't make your eyeshadow last as much as it should but overall it's fine.

Don't miss the next posts, I will do a couple of detailed reviews of my favorite makeup products of this year, stay tuned!
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Have a nice week 

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