Common Sense Is Not That Common

by - Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hi guys!
How are you? Hope you're doing fine! I'm so sorry about the quality of these pictures I think the lightning wasn't good enough.
I really enjoy taking pictures in this place because I get to have the Arrábida bridge right in the background. This is the outfit I chose, very simple but I added the heels to make it look more classy.
What do you guys think?
Have a nice day 

Pessoal do Porto! Este sábado (28 de Julho) vou estar pelo Flea Market, que se irá realizar no Jardim Basílio Teles em Matosinhos das 14h às 19h, a vender pecinhas de roupa super giras a preços que irão variar entre os 0,50€ e os 5€!! Apareçam!

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  1. Beautiful outfit and pics! I like your blog, thanks for your comment in mine!!